To fight noise pollution, measure noise like never before.

Only accurate, real time data can provide useful noise pollution measurements to enable change and ensure the wellbeing of our citizens. Sampols is a one-of-a-kind noise management solution ready for large-scale deployment.

Noise - an invisible killer

Cities, industries and citizens are awakening to the fact that noise pollution created by human activities such as entertainment, urban traffic and industrial sources significantly deteriorates health, productivity and the economy. Whether you are a city leader, farmer or operations manager, you want to ensure that noise levels are within the legally required limits. 

High annoyance

High sleep disturbance

Heart disease

Cognitive impairment in children




Not Scalable

Smart noise monitoring with Sampols

Powered by the Internet of Things, Sampols enables real-time noise measurement throughout urban, rural, and industrial areas, introducing previously unthinkable applications within a single solution.
Sampols NoiseApp is a practical and scientific tool designed to easily manage measurement, analytics and visualization of noise pollution in cities or in industrial sites.

Sampols device is a light, autonomous and high performance outdoor wireless sensor that continuously measures, computes and reports the statistics of ambient noise.

  • Cost-effective : With just an initial device purchasing and app subscription, gone are the days of six-figure noise maps re-generated every few years.
  • Fully automated : Monolithic devices optimized for up to five years of unattended, sustainable operation throughout wide geographic areas.
  • In real time : Combined sensor measurements continuously collect data or at intervals. Noise evolution maps and reports within 15 minutes, enabling cities and companies to address harmful noise on the go.
  • Low battery consuming : Batteries powered by advanced power management technology and lasting up to five years.
  • Accurate : Sampols is able to measure and relate noise level readings every 15 minutes with an accuracy of +/- 1.5 dB.
  • Flexible : The dashboard interface, analytics and settings seamlessly integrate with existing systems and various applications.

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