Carrier-grade LoRaWAN® Network Server

A reliable solution, proven in deployments with thousands of gateways and millions of devices. Extensive feature-set for the Operation and Management of any LoRaWAN® network and the management of devices. Available now in different editions to suit the needs of the most diverse deployments. 

Highly-Scalable Architecture

A highly-scalable architecture, supporting national and local deployments alike. Full redundancy and high availability requiring as few as 3 VMs, horizontally and vertically scalable to support deployments with millions of devices and thousands of gateways.

Best-in-class Technical Support

Customer Satisfaction

We have a reputation for providing the best customer support in our Industry.


Live training on-demand from experts.


We can provide support with stringent SLA terms and 24/7 availability.


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OrbiWAN™ comes in three different editions to suit the needs of the most diverse customers and use cases:


The Professional Edition emphasizes ease-of-use: with an intuitive UI and extensive applications’ interfaces, a new user can quickly deploy end-to-end solutions. If you appreciate a reliable LNS, but you do not have the time to learn and use sophisticated management tools, you should start with the Professional Edition. We have found that this is often the case in smaller IoT deployments, up to perhaps a few thousand devices, in most Industries. 

Importantly, if you want the user’s experience of OrbiWAN-Professional but require an on-premise installation, you should opt for OrbiWAN-Edge.


The Enterprise Edition includes advanced network management and device management tools which are crucial in rapidly-growing IoT deployments, where customers need to deploy and manage many gateways and devices in an efficient manner. Customers can use the extensive toolset of the Enterprise Edition to optimize capacity, network resources and Quality of Service.

The Enterprise Edition is a great fit if you are at this stage in your IoT deployment and want to opt for a SaaS-based solution.

Dedicated Instance

If you are planning to deploy (or are already operating) a large LoRaWAN network, whether a public network or a large private deployment, you should opt for a Dedicated Instance of OrbiWAN™, which will give you the highest degree of flexibility in terms of deployment and management options.

A Dedicated Instance can be installed on-premises or hosted by OrbiWise and offers the most extensive toolset for network and device management, with many additional features and services optionally available to fit the most diverse needs of your deployment.

Few high-level features are highlighted in the table below to give you some additional information on each product edition.
Please Contact Us if you have any questions or need help in planning your IoT deployment.


  • Support for all features of LoRaWAN® Standard up to Rev. 1.0.4 and 1.1.1, including all device classes & multicast class B and C.
  • Graphical UI to provision all major commercially-available gateways. Extensive device management UI.
  • Adaptable applications' interfaces and connectors to widespread application frameworks.
  • Flexible device profiles, payload decoders, multi-user account hierarchy (up to 10 users), with granular rights management, Join server included & batch device registration.
  • Basic trace & logging capabilities for devices, applications and gateways, basic gateway alarms.
  • Email-based technical support.
  • Available in SaaS mode for main Regions.
  • Optional Features: External Join server, FUOTA Server, additional frequency plans.
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All features of Professional Edition +

  • Sophisticated network management tools with dedicated console/UI, configurable gateways' alarms and customizable frequency plans, down to one gateway.
  • Extensive and flexible service profiles & controlled QoS.
  • Comprehensive gateway and device statistics, gateway audit trail, multi-user account hierarchy (unlimited number of users) & batch gateway registration and updates.
  • Dynamic radio spectrum analysis for optimal frequency planning. Support for redundant (simultaneous) cellular backhauls. Monitoring of multiple backhauls and managed selection of best link.
  • Advanced trace & logging capabilities for devices, applications and gateways, extensive sub-net logging & configurable gateway alarms.
  • SLA-based technical support with standard terms.
  • Available in SaaS mode for main Regions.
  • Optional features (in addition to those available in Professional edition): LoRa-based geolocation, extended logging, Single Sign-on (SSO), Home page custom shortcuts.

Dedicated Instance

All features of Enterprise Edition +

  • Possibility of independent sub-networks with controlled gateway sharing & server alarms.
  • Dedicated Network ID, extensive features and APIs for server management & SNMP interface.
  • Extensive global net logging, comprehensive global gateway and device statistics, access to hosting infrastructure’s status & statistics, rich set of O&M metrics available for integration with customers’ own management tools & dedicated network reporting.
  • Self-contained installation (no external services required), horizontal and vertical scalability to accommodate any size network.
    High-availability via full redundancy. Data center redundancy.
  • SLA-based technical support with customizable SLA terms to fit the most stringent requirements.
  • Available via SW license or SaaS mode for all Regions.
  • Optional Features (in addition to those available in Enterprise edition): Roaming, UI skinning, CDR logging, additional layer in account hierarchy and more.