Founded in 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland by several ST-Ericsson former employees, OrbiWise specializes in developing advanced technologies for IoT providers to maximize the performance of their service and product offerings. 

Our dedication to the success of our customers and our passion for technology and innovation are two of our core values that drive the way we do business. Honesty is another important core value that permeates through all of our activities in the work place as well as to other companies, clients, partners, end users and suppliers. 

The OrbiWise carrier-grade LoRaWAN® network server, OrbiWAN TM, is based on Lora technology. We pride ourselves on being a customer centric organization, with deep expertise in LoraWAN®networks, the wireless industry and with an extensive range of competences including cloud and LC embedded software solutions, as well as consumer software and hardware product design, to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions.

Our OrbiWAN TM network solution success is built on the robustness and scalability of its platform, offering highest quality customer support and a wide range of features including real time device instant messaging and targeted device group profiling whether it be supporting a single or thousands of gateway access points in smart city, rural or industrial environments to enhance management of pollution controls, increasing agricultural and manufacturing efficiency, facilitating city parking or improving employee health and security amongst many other applications.

Having established ourselves globally, winning major projects on all five continents, we have deployed the largest LoraWAN network in the world in India for one of our partners, Tata Communications, and also provide end-to-end noise and air pollution measurement solutions in several European Smart City projects through our network platform, gateways and measurement sensors. 

We believe in the positive impact our expertise can contribute to smart city, smart agriculture and smart industry/industry 4.0 initiatives through supporting our customers and partners, and our active participating membership of the Lora Alliance ( www.lora-alliance.org) and initiatives such as Synchronicity (www.synchronicity-iot.eu).