Owing to the complexity and fragmentation of the IoT Industry, strong partnerships are crucial for
companies to work together seamlessly and deliver on the vision of a smarter future.

Tata Communications is a digital ecosystem enabler that powers today’s fast-growing digital economy. The company’s purpose is to deliver a New World of Communications™, unleashing new growth opportunities for customers while making a positive, tangible impact on wider society.

Founded in 2014, eleven-x are known globally as innovators in the IoT and wireless digital transformation spaces. As the first and only network operator with a purpose-built LoRaWAN® network available for public access across Canada as well as many private network deployments, eleven-x provides complete DNA (device, network, applications) solutions to improve operations and simplify processes for organizations. Solution offerings includesmart parking, water metering/AMI, indoor air quality, water monitoring and  management, as well as building energy monitoring. Led by a team of world-class authorities with extensive knowledge of wireless technology and a passion for helping organizations leverage the IoT evolution, eleven-x is ready to provide a solution that is right for your needs. For more information, please go to

Chevron is a global leader in the energy, oil & gas industry – and this has been extended to leadership and innovation in IoT through their enthusiastic utilization of LoRaWAN®. Chevron’s LoRaWAN® network based on OrbiWise’s OrbiWANTM LoRaWAN® Network Server is global, with reach extending to four continents, with more coming. Use cases exist in the upstream (oil platforms, fields, etc.), midstream (pipelines, oil transport, etc.), downstream (refineries, gas processing, product distribution, etc.) and management (HQ, offices, etc.). Some solutions being implemented include pipeline “pigs” for inspection and maintenance, water metering, valve monitoring and position management, asset tracking, facility and fence/property management, to name a few. For more information about Chevron, please go to

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that provides customers with a wide array of cloud services. We can define AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a secured cloud services platform that offers compute power, database storage, content delivery and various other functionalities.

YEAP! and their parent company, ICondor, are leaders in IoT and communications industry in Latin America, becoming the first regional LoRaWAN® operator, based on the OrbiWANTM LoRaWAN® Network Server, with networks in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and shortly Brazil and the United States, with more to come. YEAP! supports partners in the smart city/building/home, industrial, agriculture, metering, government and other markets. Their innovation also extends to creating solutions to address the needs of their partners such as environmental monitoring and control for cities/businesses/buildings/homes, cattle health monitoring and tracking, weapon tracking and many more. To learn more about YEAP!, please visit

Ventia is an acknowledged industry leader in the infrastructure and communications industries in Australia, New Zealand and The South Pacific. So it was only natural that they would extend that leadership into the IoT, becoming one of the first LoRaWAN® operators in the region via their Vianet Business Unit. With a focus on infrastructure, smart city, building & home and industrial applications for their LoRaWAN® network, based on the OrbiWANTM LoRaWAN® Network Server, Ventia offers solutions for automated water metering, water quality, sewer monitoring, temperature & humidity, environmental monitoring, road network monitoring and many more use cases. Ventia counts many impressive partners including Sydney Water, The City of Christchurch,  amongst others. To find out more about Ventia and Vianet, please visit and

BROWAN COMMUNICATIONS is a professional wireless equipment company founded in 1999. The company is one of the Gemtek Group’s companies that is focusing in leveraging the wireless technology Know-How accumulated over the years to address the emerging businesses of the Internet of Things.

Vestitel is next generation telecom. Provides telecommunication services through its own optical network, as well as through the optical networks of partners – Telecom operators and Internet service providers.

Infomir – is a company with years of experience in manufacturing devices for interactive television services.

The Company’s key feature is a full product cycle: product design, industrial design, software development, manufacturing, integration assistance and worldwide service support.

FASTWEB is a major Italian Telecommunications Operator. Since its creation in 1999, the company has focused on innovation and network infrastructure to provide high quality ultra-broadband services. Fastweb offers a wide range of fixed and mobile voice and data services to families and businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and small and medium enterprises, to the large corporates and the public sector, offering advanced telecommunication and ICT services, such as housing, cloud computing, security and unified communication. Learn more about Fastweb at

SWAN is a Slovak telecommunications service provider, which aims to provide customers with professional telecommunications solutions of the highest quality. Technological infrastructure, a wide portfolio of services and fast adoption of new telco and ICT trends rank SWAN among the top innovators and leaders within the Slovak national market.

Hub One is the digital technologies operator for businesses and public organisations. 
The benchmark player for digital transformation in constrained environments, Hub One draws on its fields of expertise in high-speed connectivity, business solutions for traceability and mobility, IoT in industrial environments and cybersecurity. 
Hub One proposes the best technologies by way of tried-and-tested solutions that are suited to the needs and usages of professionals.
With 10 or more regional branch agencies and 550 employees working daily for more than 5000 clients, Hub One generated €155 million revenue in 2018. 
Hub One is a Groupe ADP subsidiary.

SIG provides essential services in Geneva: the management of energy, water, optical fibres and waste-treatment networks. We offer reliable, efficient, innovative and environmentally-friendly products and services.



Republic and Canton of Geneva

Develop and implement:

  • air and noise protection strategies
  • action plans (air and road noise sanitation, hazardous substances in the built environment)
  • emergency measures in the event of a peak in air pollution

Founded in 2008, MOKO is an original OEM/ODM manufacturer with its own factory for electronics production runs, including PCBA & IoT devices/sensors.

With more than 50 people in R&D, they design, develop & manufacture all IoT sensors/devices in-house and offer customised/tailor-made services as well.

They also do contract manufacturing for all kinds of different products, including LoRa devices