OrbiWise launches new version of OrbiWAN™ with a new set of high-performance management tools to provide operators superior levels of IoT device control

OrbiWise’s OrbiWAN6.0 enables customisation of device parameters to fine grain detail, managing multiple groups in the same network separately, amongst many other advanced features,

June 13, 2019 – Geneva Switzerland.

OrbiWise, experts in developing advanced technologies for IoT providers to maximise the performance of their service and product offerings, today announced that they have successfully launched OrbiWAN™ 6.0, a major upgrade to its carrier-grade IoT platform that operates and manages LoRaWAN® networks. OrbiWAN™ provides their clients with advanced network management tools and a scalable architecture, supporting large operators’ deployments and Enterprise IoT applications alike.

The OrbiWAN
TM platform is horizontally and vertically scalable from a local server deployment to global operators running on large clusters of VM to millions of gateways and billions of devices. The standard automatic network manager allows any basic user to use the solution out ‘of-the-box’ while an experienced operator can customise the parameters to fine grain detail, managing multiple groups in the same network separately.

Domenico Arpaia, CEO and co-founder of OrbiWise, said, ”We are delighted at OrbiWise to have successfully completed the launch of OrbiWAN™ 6.0.  Several of our customers have already adopted this latest version and are already leveraging the set of advanced management tools and features to maximize the performance of their IoT networks. Their feedback has been very positive. We expect the rest of our existing global customer base to quickly adopt OrbiWAN 6.0 as well and are already deploying this version with all new customers.”

Peter Kaae Thomsen, CTO and co-founder added, “We have a very experienced development team with much first-hand knowledge from the wireless industry and cloud-based solutions. We pride ourselves on listening to and identifying what our customers require to manage more efficiently their LoRaWAN® IoT networks while developing OrbiWAN™6.0. “

OrbiWAN™ 6.0. is highly scalable and addresses all markets from small local Enterprise IoT setup where simplicity and out-of-the-box usability is key, to large scale operators where network performance, customizability, advanced accounts and role management, APIs stability and high-availability is important. The new profile-based architecture in OrbiWAN™ 6.0 is one of the main answers in achieving this scalability of usage. OrbiWise has also worked on improving system response times with the “Instant Messaging” that allows “device to application to device” response in the same Class A uplink/downlink cycle. The OrbiWise dedicated test and validation team spent many months testing the solution with dedicated testing for all supported regions to ensure that the rollout to all customers will happen safely without impact on operations.

Key features of OrbiWAN
TM version 6.0 include (some of which were already in the previous version 5.1.4):

Radio Protocol

  • Multicast (both Class-B and class-C)
  • “Instant messaging”: Application can answer an uplink in the RX1/2 window of the same uplink
  • Improved multicast downlink scheduling
  • RX window selection
  • QoS-based dynamic link adaptation
  • Channel management via profiles enable network deployment with heterogenous gateways (e.g. coexistence of 8ch, 16ch, 64ch etc.)
  • Passive Roaming support
  • Device time sync via MAC command
  • Periodic battery and device status reporting

Network Management

  • Powerful Device and Service Profiles allow fast and flexible management of large groups of devices and enable advanced automatic network management features.
  • Monitoring of gateways with alarms
  • Operations on GW groups for large networks. Batch job scheduling including firmware update
  • Multi-tenant architecture with users’ hierarchy
  • Detailed network trace for tenants and administrators
  • Paged access for all Gateways, devices, payloads etc.

Data Access & Device Management

  • Fine-grain rights management allowing multiple administrator to manage different accounts and features
  • Connectors for main IoT cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, etc.).
  • Four-levels hierarchical account management with flexible, fine-grain rights management
  • All features available via fully document REST API
  • Data-path (uplink and downlink) also via MQTT, WebSocket and Kafka 

Fraser Gibbs, CTO at eleven-x, in Waterloo, Canada said ” The breadth of use cases that LoRaWAN® supports is vast and continues to grow but each customer has subtle differences and requirements from the network.  OrbiWise’s 6.0 release brings unprecedented control and configurability to their carrier grade solution for the Network Operator to get the most out of each deployment.”

Alasdair Rettie, Technical Director at Pinacl Solutions, United Kingdom said “Pinacl Solutions selected OrbiWise as their LoRaWAN® Network server provider to support their UK Smart City networks. Having worked with other LoRaWAN® network service providers it quickly became apparent how feature rich, well designed and easy to use the OrbiWise solution was.

Pinacl secured a contract with Aberdeen City Council to deploy a city-wide LoRaWAN® based intelligent lighting solution. The LoRaWAN® network server solution had to support Class C devices and the transmission of multicast packets for calendar profile updates and firmware updates over the air (FUOTA). The Intelligent lighting CMS system required additional integration with OrbiWise to get it fully working. The support received from the OrbiWise technical team was first class and as a result Aberdeen now has a city wide smart IOT LoRaWAN®network that supports Class A and C Devices and multicast traffic.”

OrbiWAN™ is now available to all current and new customers and full details can be found on OrbiWise website at

About Orbiwise

Founded in 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland by several ST Ericsson former employees, OrbiWise specialises in developing advanced technologies for IoT providers to maximise the performance of their service and product offerings.

The OrbiWise carrier-grade LoRaWAN® network server, OrbiWAN
TM, is based on Lora technology. OrbiWise prides itself on being a customer-centric organisation, with deep expertise in LoraWAN networks, the wireless industry and an extensive range of competences including cloud and embedded software solutions, as well as consumer software and hardware product design, can provide our clients with end-to-end solutions.

The OrbiWAN
TM network management solution success is built on the robustness and scalability of its platform, offering highest quality customer support  and a wide range of features including real-time device instant messaging and targeted device group profiling whether it be supporting few or thousands of gateways  in smart city, rural or industrial environments to enhance management of pollution controls, increasing agricultural and manufacturing efficiency, facilitating city parking or improving employee health and security amongst many other applications.

Having established itself globally, winning major projects on all five continents, OrbiWise has deployed the largest LoraWAN network in the world in India for one of its partners, Tata Communications, and also provide end-to-end noise and air pollution measurement solutions in several European cities through their network platform, gateways and measurement sensors.

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