Jaguar Network and OrbiWise announce their strategic alliance to accelerate the delivery of LoRa infrastructures for the Smart City, eHealth and Industry 4.0 markets

Jaguar Network and OrbiWise democratize IoT deployment thanks to LoRa™ private networks. 

The Stellar Entreprise product from Jaguar Network standardises the implementation of LoRaWAN™ networks by integrating the necessary building blocs into a unified offer. Professionals can benefit from increased visibility about the inner states of their business operations and get new indicators from management interfaces. They can carry out their digital transformation thanks to Big Data.

Domenico Arpaia, CEO of OrbiWise: ” We are truly excited to announce our alliance with Jaguar Network: their extensive offering and expertise in the Enterprise space along with our proven OrbiWAN™ solution is an ideal combination to tap the immense potential of the Emerging Enterprise IoT market. We are launching together a fremium offer for any enterprise or city to start a trial.”

Kevin Polizzi, CEO of Jaguar Network, says: “With our national backbone from Iliad, we are very pleased to deploy IoT networks on a large scale. These will enable companies to rationalize their operations costs and position innovation at the center of their development strategy. The OrbiWAN™ Enterprise solution integrates directly with our Atlas multi-cloud orchestrator. IoT data is securely processed at the core of the cloud network or through edge computing. “

Jaguar Network confirms its desire to be one of the leading French players in the IoT market. In this context, future products already deployed at the heart of its data centers will be marketed on a large scale.

Low data rate LoRaWAN™ networks provide broad connectivity coverage simplifying the deployment of connected objects. This IoT breakthrough enables optimization of operating costs and a significant improvement in equipment performance. A perfect fit for local authorities to deploy on their territory to meet Smart City challenges or for companies in the context of industrial monitoring and control.

About Jaguar

Jaguar Network is a sovereign service provider that offers companies trusted support for their digital transformation processes. Drawing on its widely-recognized expertise in telecommunications, the cloud, IoT and managed services, Jaguar Network uses its proprietary fiber network that is inter-connected with its own datacenters located in France. These datacenters meet the highest standards in terms of eco-design, operation and security (including HADS approval and ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certification).

Innovation is in Jaguar Network’s DNA and it has in-house R&D teams dedicated to network- and cloud-based value-added services, integrating technologies such as Edge Computing, IA, Big Data and IoT.
Operating through a network of regional agencies, the company continually invests in very high availability infrastructure and provides its new-generation services to over 1,200 clients in the private and public sector.

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