The City Of Amsterdam Adopts Orbiwise’ Sampols Devices & Application Using LoRaWAN® For Noise Monitoring In The City

Geneva, November 8, 2023 – OrbiWise, a leading provider of cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, is proud to announce that the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, deployed its innovative Sampols devices using LoRaWAN®  for measuring noise levels across a part of the city in a successful trial earlier this summer.


Sampols, a state-of-the-art product developed by OrbiWise, is designed to measure noise levels in cities and industrial areas, enabling municipalities and industries to better understand and mitigate the impact of noise pollution on citizens and the environment. Amsterdam has had for many years an extensive air quality monitoring network and wants to expand this with sound monitoring. To enable this, Amsterdam has acquired a number of fixed sound meters together with a set of mobile Sampols devices and the accompanying application dashboard.

The Sampols meters were first used for noise monitoring in the Amsterdam-based project “De Knip Weesperstraat.” The trial, which ran from 12 June to 23 July 2023 close to Amsterdam’s city center, and attempted to study the effects of a temporary closure of one of the city’s main streets, Weesperstraat, on traffic, safety and quality of life in the area. Traffic intensity, air quality and noise were all monitored. The output data has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of the trial allowing he comparison with simulated results and fostering the extension of the project.

Domenico Arpaia, CEO of OrbiWise, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the city of Amsterdam. At OrbiWise, we believe that technology can be harnessed to address real-world challenges, and Sampols exemplifies this commitment. By working together, we can make cities smarter, more sustainable, and ultimately better places for people to thrive.”

About OrbiWise

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