OrbiWAN 7.0 Released. This is a major update for OrbiWAN, including more than 70 new features

Geneva, May 22, 2023

We have just released OrbiWAN 7.0.
The 7.0 release is a major update for OrbiWAN, including more than 70 new features.
The user interface has been fully redesigned and simplified to provide better user experience, responsiveness and ease customer operation. 
The solution’s performance has been optimized and security enhanced against latest vulnerabilities on all interfaces. 
The two previous user interfaces for O&M and Data Access have now been harmonized in a single interface accessible from the same login.

 Examples of new features included in OrbiWAN 7.0 are:

* Multi-Region support in a single instance with improved tags management;
* Improved one-step provisioning of all major manufacturers’ gateway models;   
* Support for ISM2400 Region (2.4GHz);
* Support of back-end roaming interface version 1.1 (in addition to version 1.0);
* Possibility to easily import device profiles from main manufacturers. Over 700 commercial devices can be provisioned in just one step.
* Improved connection wizard for widespread IoT frameworks and applications platforms.
* Full support for multi-factor authentication. Possibility to use security certificates for external applications.
* Enhanced capacity management for multicast sessions.

Existing OrbiWAN customers can contact their respective Customer Project Manager to schedule an upgrade.

New customers can learn more about OrbiWAN 7.0 and secure their copy by contacting us (https://orbiwise.com/contact/).