Telemetrik Leverages OrbiWise’s LoRaWAN® Network to Power New Street Lighting Solution at Scale in Sabaneta, Columbia

Geneva, Switzerland, 30 January 2023  — Telemetrik, one of Colombia’s leading telecommunications integrators and a pioneer in the use of LoRaWAN for IoT Smart-City applications, has partnered with advanced IoT technology specialists OrbiWise to implement a wide area network of Smart Lighting in Sabaneta, Colombia. The area is part of the quickly growing part of greater metropolitan Medellin and requires a better performing lighting system at scale.

Previous lighting systems often suffered from poor performance due to inconsistent electrical supply which led to inoperable, flickering lights, high voltages, frequent power outages, etc. — which is often first discovered by citizens themselves or by the eventual manual observations by city personnel after significant delay. Not only was this inconvenient for residents, but also contributing to increased crime in the area.

Telemetrik has developed an intelligent, remote-managed, multi-technological photocell, patented in Colombia and Mexico, which enables quick communication of lighting system status. The integrated remote management system performs the secure acquisition, transmission and storage of data through the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

The company worked with the city’s utility, EAPSA, and OrbiWise to integrate a new LoRAWAN-connected street lighting system that monitors and provides status alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. OrbiWise’s OrbiWAN LoRaWAN Network Server is currently powering approximately 2,500 Sabaneta streetlights, a number expected to double soon.

The success of LoRaWAN IoT technology in this use case has inspired all stakeholders to such a degree that they are currently considering a similar approach for other city services, such as water, gas and electricity metering, smart parking applications, and many more.

For more information on Sabaneta’s new street lighting system, please read Telemetrik’s case study here.