OrbiWise announces the launch of OrbiWAN-Edge, THE LoRaWAN Server for challenging IoT environments.

OrbiWise announces the launch of OrbiWAN-Edge, THE LoRaWAN Server for challenging IoT environments.

Customers, in many markets, including the Industrial, smart-city and smart-agriculture IoT spaces, have been asking for a professional LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS), capable of running on a single, small server.


There are many situations where an on-premise LNS is required even in small IoT deployments, for example because of security concerns or poor or non-existent Internet connectivity.

Basic open-source and on-gateway LNS don’t address this need adequately as even in smaller deployments, many customers require the reliability and functionality that comes with a true enterprise grade LNS.


OrbiWAN-Edge is the FIRST OF ITS KIND self-contained, easy-to-use solution to address those requests!


Edge is based on the same core LNS used in our carrier-grade OrbiWANTM product, which is time-tested and proven in the largest LoRaWAN® deployments in the world. Customers can manage LoRaWAN network operations from a single, intuitive UI, which includes all key functions to manage gateways, devices, applications and users. OrbiWAN-Edge runs on a single server, based on a minimum Intel i3 processor at 1.6GHz (or better), 8GB RAM, 64GB Flash and Linux CentOS 7. A docker-based installation allows a seamless deployment, which is especially valuable for customers deploying many instances of Edge.


There are a number of such servers available on the market, including the Onlogic CL100 and Intel NUC 11. Additionally, some customers have requested an all-in-one solution, so a combination LoRaWAN gateway plus server solution is under development that will allow the OrbiWAN-Edge LNS to be combined with the application platform and other software elements into a self-contained  and stand-alone LoRaWAN network!


OrbiWAN-Edge is recommended for small to medium sized LoRaWAN networks comprised of singles to tens of gateways and up to low tens-of-thousands of devices, that require an on-premise, professional LNS solution. An additional benefit of Edge is the seamless migration to the carrier grade OrbiWANTM LNS as the network becomes larger  based on the number of gateways and devices, once the deployment requires even more advanced network management tools, horizontal scalability and other more sophisticated features. Early adopter markets of the Edge LNS include industry (oil & gas/energy, mining, manufacturing, other), smart-city and smart-agriculture.


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