AWS IoT Core Welcomes OrbiWise’s LoRaWAN Network Server, OrbiWAN, To Deliver IoT Data.

As part of OrbiWise’s partnership with AWS, customers can now easily integrate LoRaWAN enabled devices into a private LoRaWAN network powered by OrbiWAN and AWS IoT Core.

OrbiWAN is OrbiWise’s carrier-grade LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) and is broadly used by large public network operators and by many private networks.

AWS IoT Core is a managed IoT platform that allows connected devices to interact with cloud applications and Amazon Web Services (AWS) easily and securely—with the ability to support billions of devices and trillions of messages.

By using AWS IoT rules actions, customers are able to synchronize the AWS IoT Core and OrbiWAN device registries, integrate payloads from their LoRaWAN devices with AWS services like Amazon Timestream, and add reporting dashboards to their applications in no time.

More on the new integration possibilities can be read in a recent blog post by AWS “Turning Data from LoRaWAN Sensors into Insights with OrbiWise Network Server and AWS IoT Core”.

You’ll learn why OrbiWAN is the right fit for AWS IoT Core, dive into the technical details of OrbiWAN integration with AWS IoT and discover how data can be turned into insights to make smarter and more efficient business decisions.