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Quiet means a lot

Noise regulations get more restrictive

Noise is not just an annoyance but a major problem for society. Typical sources of noise pollution such as road, rail and air traffic, construction and industry, present broad effects on healthcare and the economy including high sleep disturbance, cognitive impairments in children, heart diseases and premature mortality.

High annoyance

High sleep disturbance

Heart disease

Cognitive impairment in children

Legacy solutions are outdated

Cities or industry face serious challenges. To date, solutions mostly use portable sonometers to manually and sequentially monitor the ambient noise around. Their severe drawbacks of being non real-time, expensive, inaccurate and not scalable, make noise management a constraint instead of a continuous improvement.




Not Scalable

Enter a smarter future with Sampols

Sampols is a high-performance, low-cost solution for acoustic noise cadaster 
management, based on the Internet of Things paradigm.
Sampol’s NoiseApp is a practical and scientific tool designed to easily manage measurement, analytics and visualization of noise pollution in cities or in industrial sites.

Sampol’s sensor is a light, autonomous and high performance outdoor wireless sensor that continuously measures, computes and reports the statistics of ambient noise.

For Cities

Noise cadasters

Road traffic

Urban strategies

For Enterprises

Workers environment

Neighborhood disturbances


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