OrbiWise develops advanced technologies for the Internet of Things. 

OrbiWAN TM is our carrier-grade IoT platform to operate and manage your LoRaWAN® network. OrbiWAN TM provides our clients with the most advanced network management tools and a scalable architecture, supporting large operators' deployments and Enterprise IoT applications alike. 

OrbiWAN TM powers the largest LoraWAN® network in the world as well as small single gateway setups. Our platform is horizontally and vertically scalable from a local server deployment to global operators running on large clusters of VMs to millions of gateways and billions of devices.  

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The OrbiWise OrbiLINK  is a full-featured LoRaWAN™ compliant gateway for IoT networks. 

The gateway is designed for indoor usage and optimized for easy installation & maintenance, requiring zero-configurations on site, facilitating fast rollout in industrial and commercial buildings as well as residential areas. Install...

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Low Power

Forget how to replace batteries

Carrier Grade
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