Environmental LoRaWAN Use Case: Air & Water Quality Monitoring with SITEC in Corsica

In order to preserve Corsica’s wild beauty and unique wildlife, a large part of the island was designated as the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse (PNRC) in1972. Unlike other French national parks, which only protect mostly-uninhabited areas, the PNRC encompasses the local population and aims to protect the cultural heritage of the region in addition to the environment.

  1. Problem, Challenge & Solution
  • Problem: Environmental preservation is crucial, requiring monitoring of diverse parameters including atmospheric conditions, air and water quality, and polluting agents. Additional concerns include detecting water leakages.
  • Challenge: Implementing a system that efficiently monitors environmental pollution without disrupting the natural or social fabric of the community. This involves integrating technology seamlessly into sensitive ecological and urban environments, ensuring minimal physical and aesthetic impact.
  • Solution: Utilizing state-of-the-art environmental sensors powered by LoRaWAN® technology provides a robust solution. These battery-powered sensors offer exceptional longevity and range, significantly reducing the need for frequent maintenance.



  • Extensive Coverage: Allows for wide-ranging coverage with minimal deployment costs. The technology is capable of covering vast outdoor areas and penetrating substantial barriers, such as the thick walls of water tanks.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Facilitates real-time monitoring of various pollutants, enabling prompt interventions that enhance sustainability and public health. The sensors’ low power consumption permits operation on batteries for more than ten years.
  1. Project Description

SITEC, an IT company based in Corsica and OrbiWise’ local partner, leads this Project. They focus on advancing local infrastructure and community welfare through innovative IT solutions. SITEC has developed a sophisticated dashboard that interfaces with OrbiWAN, OrbiWise’s Network Server, allowing recovery, management and visualization of different data with enhanced flexibility.

These are some of the local Partners SITEC is working with:

  • University of Corsica (Università Pasquale Paoli): SITEC deployed a LoRaWAN network to monitor utility consumption in university buildings, aiding the University’s drive to optimize energy and water consumption in line with environmental standards, especially the “Décret Tertiaire” which mandates essential measures for reducing energy consumption in tertiary sector buildings in France.
  • Town of Nonza: Focuses on optimizing drinking water usage. SITEC deployed flowmeters and connected valves to water intakes, and sensors in the town’s reservoir to enhance the management of water resources, especially critical during summers.
  • CROUS de Corse (“Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires de Corse”): SITEC has provided a power consumption monitoring solution, connected bia their OrbiWAN-powered LoRaWAN network, enabling real-time tracking and monthly billing of energy usage. This organization primarily assists with housing, catering, and scholarships for students, playing a vital role in supporting student life.
  • Town of Cozzano: SITEC is finally working with the Town of Cozzano on a Smart Village project. The idea is to offer local residents a range of useful data in a variety of fields, including the environment (air quality, bathing water quality), building management (temperature, CO2, humidity, etc.), agriculture (weather stations, GPS tracking, soil quality: pH, temperature, hygrometry, etc.) and energy (electricity production and consumption).

About SITEC 

SITEC is a dynamic company at the heart of Corsica’s industrial and institutional activity. It works with hundreds of corporate and local authority customers, covering a wide range of needs.

Its four main areas of expertise – industrial automation, hosting and cloud services, services to local authorities, development and IOT – entail heavy responsibilities, as well as a high level of qualification, expertise and certification, particularly in terms of cybersecurity.

We are pursuing our development with the strong political ambition of making SITEC the major tool for a sovereign Corsican cloud, at the service of the island and Corsicans, businesses, institutions and the environment.

For more information about SITEC see https://www.sitec.corsica/qui-sommes-nous/