Eleven-x’ Smart City and Smart Building Projects in North America

eleven-x and OrbiWise LoRa®Network Services

Wireless connectivity for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings   

eleven-x offers complete device-to-cloud solutions enabling wireless connectivity and real-time data collection for smart cities, campuses, buildings and industry. Founded in 2014, eleven-x is led by wireless communication pioneers who held senior roles at telecom giant BlackBerry. A key part of offering complete solutions, eleven-x deployed and operates Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power IoT network. Organizations rely on eleven-x’s wireless connectivity expertise to develop complete solutions that improve operations, simplify processes and deliver value in today’s connected world.

eleven-x providing complete IoT solutions across North America

In their formative stages, eleven-x examined a variety of IoT technologies and recognized the key features that long-range wide area networks [LoRaWAN®] could offer smart city and intelligent building initiatives. With IoT yet to take hold in North America, eleven-x made the decision to use the LoRaWAN® technology as the backbone for their solutions due to several factors including; 

1 Long range connectivity capabilities 

2. Cost effective solutions

3. Highest levels of data security

4. Longest battery life for devices

5. Open standard that is scalable

Now equipped with a technology platform to use as their foundation, eleven-x needed a LoRaWAN® network partner to help them support the complexity of deploying, maintaining and constantly improving the network software to support a live, real-time network infrastructure and integration of complete use case solutions.

Selecting OrbiWise as their LoRa® Network supplier

In 2016 several LoRa® Network suppliers were reviewed.  After an extensive evaluation process, OrbiWise was chosen as their LoRaWAN® supplier with their OrbiWAN
TM platform essentially because they offered a high quality, feature rich and a renowned robust network while being cost competitive.   

Since OrbiWise’ OrbiWAN
TM software supports all features of the LoRaWAN® standard, it is compatible with all LoRaWAN®-compliant devices on the market, they have universal compatibility with LoRa® approved device which allows eleven-x to source the most competitive gateways and sensors, and not be tied into one single network provider’s end-to-end solution.

Expanding Smart Building and Smart City IoT applications

With over 10 North American or Canadian IoT firsts to its credit, eleven-x are proving to be world leaders in terms of providing complete low power IoT solutions. In addition to the network connectivity and application software, eleven-x have also developed devices to enable real-time data collection. Their MIU-X water monitoring interface has been deployed with existing data loggers in the Region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada to facilitate the real-time monitoring of water levels and temperature for the region’s natural water supply. An infrastructure of production and monitoring wells supplies the precious life-sustaining resource to approximately 570,000 residents in the community.

eleven-x have also broadened their Smart Building solutions to monitor and enable the analyzing of key environmental and sustainability criteria for building and facilities. The OrbiWAN network now supports the eleven-x full range of smart building devices including:

1. Monitoring and analyzing environmental and air quality monitoring

2. Measuring water usage

3. Monitoring room and space occupancy

4. People counting

5. Waste level monitoring

6. Leak detection

7. Door and window open/close monitoring

8. Smart parking 

In addition to solutions for Smart Buildings, eleven-x also support Smart City initiatives, leveraging OrbiWise’s LoRa® network platform to deploy and manage a broad range of sensors to monitor and manage applications including;

1. Optimizing parking stall usage

2. Monitoring waste bin levels

3. Water infrastructure monitoring (ground, water table levels etc.)

4. Analyzing noise and air pollution

OrbiWise LoRa® Network platform facilitates scaling up IoT device deployments

OrbiWise’s LoRa® platform easily supports this vast eco system of devices and because it is device agnostic, it allows eleven-x to source and deploy a variety of LoRa® compatible gateways and devices irrespective of the manufacturer.

Fraser Gibbs, eleven-x CTO said, “The OrbiWise OrbiWAN
TM network has proven to be extremely robust, which has been important considering the varying types of IoT devices and solutions we have integrated. We have a network uptime of greater than 99% meaning we can stay focused on delivering full solutions and monitoring devices.  We are also impressed with the quality of their customer support. In the rare case when we have had issues, the redundancy in the system has kept our customers’ services running uninterrupted and their support teams have had us back up to full functionality in under an hour.  

Fraser continued. “In addition, Orbiwise provides us with upgrades and updates that meet both our needs but also the needs of our customers and the marketplace.  This includes updates to the LoRaWAN® protocols, security, device management and customer APIs. They are an extremely reliable and a solid partner, with whom we feel confident in placing our full trust.”

Domenico Arpaia, OrbiWise CEO said, “We are very happy to be supporting eleven-x across their broad solution base, including their cross-Canada IoT network.  We have always understood the importance of maintaining the network, so it always stays up and running and so are proud of the robust and reliable reputation that OrbiWise has established globally in the industry. We also look forward to rolling out some of new features with OrbiWAN
TM 6.0, our latest version of our LoRa® based Network solution. The benefits of the Profiling feature for example will provide even greater control over multiple groups of different device types on the same LoRaWAN® network.”

In partnership with eleven-x, the OrbiWise Lora® network provides robust, secure and feature-rich support for their ever-growing Smart City and Smart Building deployments across North America with a wide range of IoT devices to monitor, analyze and better manage public and commercial utilities to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

More information on eleven-x and their wireless networks can be found here