Leading Internet of Things Innovators OrbiWise and MultiTech Collaborate to Create Joint LoRaWANTM Gateway & Network Server Offering

Mounds View, MN, USA and Geneva Switzerland – February 26, 2018 – Multi-Tech Systems Inc., a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT communication devices, and OrbiWise SA, a leader in the LoRaWANTM Network Server (LNS) business today announced a joint LoRaWAN gateway and LNS product offering for global applications in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

LoRaWAN is the leading Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology that utilizes unlicensed spectrum to provide affordable, low-power, long-range communications for IoT applications. Both OrbiWise and MultiTech are proud Members of the LoRa AllianceTM, a global association of companies working to advance LoRa ® technology.

The LoRaWAN gateway acts as the aggregating point for up to many thousands of sensor and actuator devices that can be utilized in smart city, agriculture, industry, home/office, asset tracking and management and countless other applications. The LNS is the essential driver to view and manage all elements of a LoRaWAN Network – from devices, to gateways, to servers, to back-end applications. The unified offering will combine the gateway and LNS into an integrated and fully tested solution so that customers can install and have a LoRaWAN Network running almost instantaneously. The pre-configured offering will be available in all variants of MultiTech’s gateways and supported LoRaWAN global frequency parameters including Outdoor IP67 rated GeoLocation base stations.

OrbiWise SA, the creator of OrbiWAN, is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. OrbiWise’s growing staff has considerable experience in wireless and communications software and hardware, allowing the organization to grow into the forefront.

“MultiTech is the ideal choice to make this joint solution with for the rapidly growing LoRa market. Their innovation and commitment to quality on LoRaWAN gateways is well known and therefore the perfect match for our OrbiWAN LoRaWAN Network Server,” said Domenico Arpaia, CEO of OrbiWise.

MultiTech is a global leader in gateways, modules, and lifecycle management tools for LoRaWAN. MultiTech has almost 50 years experience providing communications products and systems for a wide variety of radio technologies and has a global presence.

“As LoRaWAN continues to mature, our customers demand plug and play gateway to network connectivity they can deploy and grow their network coverage without requiring a developer on-site,” said Daniel Quant, MultiTech Vice President of Product Management and Marketing Strategy. “We are pleased to work with OrbiWise to simplify the deployment of broad scale, carrier-grade IoT networks around the globe.”

About OrbiWise

OrbiWise SA is a leading international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRaWAN technology and is a Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance. OrbiWise’s customers deploy LPWA networks in smart city, precise agriculture and industrial applications – amongst others. OrbiWise’s OrbiWAN LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) Solution is an industry-leading product that provides the intelligence to run, maintain and observe the operations of LoRaWAN Networks. The company is headquartered in Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland with additional offices in Mumbai, India, Macedonia and Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

For more information:  www.orbiwise.com

Contact: Scott Kubes

Head of Business Development & Sales – Americas, Australia & New Zealand


About MultiTech

MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial internet of things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. Our commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech products and people to address your needs, while our history of innovation ensures you can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for the life of your solution.

For more information:  www.multitech.com

Contact: Jennifer Costello; 781-715-4870; Jennifer.Costello@multitech.com

About the LoRa AllianceTM

The LoRa Alliance is an open, non-profit association of members that believe the internet of things era is now. Their mission is to standardize Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) being deployed around the world to enable Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), and smart city, and industrial applications. The Alliance members will collaborate to drive the global success of the LoRa protocol (LoRaWAN), by sharing knowledge and experience to guarantee interoperability between operators in one open global standard. For more information:  http://lora-alliance.org

LoRa ® and LoRaWANTM are trademarks of Semtech Corporation.