The OrbiWise OrbiLINK  is a full-featured LoRaWAN™ compliant gateway for IoT networks.

The gateway is designed for indoor usage and optimized for easy installation & maintenance, requiring zero-configurations on site, facilitating fast rollout in industrial and commercial buildings as well as residential areas. Installation can be as simple as just connecting a PoE cable.

OrbiWise OrbiLINK uses the same RF LoRa modem as the outdoor-gateways, with similar performance. The OrbiLINK can be delivered with internal or external antenna.

Technical specification

LoRaWAN™ 1 compliant radio-modem

LoRa Air

  • Frequency range 863 – 870MHz
  • Output power max. 27dBm
  • Built-in helix antenna, Option for external antenna via SMA connector.

LoRa modem

  • Supporting class A & C devices (&class B  RX only).
  • Two radio front-ends to support two frequency segments, each 1MHz.
  • Simultaneous reception of 8 LoRa™ channels with decoding of all spreading factors

Network operation and Maintenance

  • Integrated seamlessly with OrbiWise OrbiWAN network solution
  • Local persistent storage for data in case of back-haul temporary unavailability
  • RSSI/ channel monitoring in parallel with normal operation
  • RSSI band survey mode
  • Remote firmware upgrade

Back-haul WAN connection

  • Ethernet LAN interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-T with standard RJ45 connector/ Cat5 cable required
  • Protocol
  • TCP/IP v4
  • DHCP Client, optionally manually configured IP address
  • AES encryption
  • Keep-alive message with hole-punching to traverse firewall

Local user interface

  • 4 GW status LEDs
  • 2 Lan status LEDs
  • Reset/factory setting key

Power supply

  • PoE, IEEE 802.3at class A and B
  • USB, mini B connector
  • Low power consumption < 4W


  • Size 93mm x 93mm x 20mm
  • Operating temperature range -20 oC to +55 oC
  • Wall mounting
  • Product option for embedded version to build in products, e.g. STB